Company Turn-around


      BMAS Consulting has supported many of our customers with our company assessment tools and guidelines.  The benefit of an external point of view is that it has no history, no pre-conception, and we find no benefit on fixing what isn’t broken.   Our process helps us listen to all parties involved and identify where the problem might be.  Our assessment is the first step toward an agreement on what can be done to turn a company around.


     If your company is in a cross-roads, facing a crisis that seems unbeatable, you don’t have to face it alone. BMAS Consulting has helped its customers through this type of process many times. We bring Crisis control tools, a clean perspective and follow clear instructions towards its completion. Crisis can’t be avoided, they have to be controlled and sort through them to get to the other side, let us help you with that voyage


     Change is inevitable.  A key competence in these days is the Company's ability to adapt to change… better yet, to manage change into a positive outcome.  A new competitor, a different emerging market, an obsolete strategy; all of these require the company to adapt, to change.  BMAS Consulting can help you overcome this situations and use them to your advantage, define strategies to proactively grow and move out of a reacting mode.


     Turning around a company is not only about the money.  Yes, profits are key to sustainability, but so is the company’s brand. Fixing operations, sales or product issues is within the company’s control, but fixing the brand perception is only achieved when the customer changes its mind about the brand value, and that requires a separated strategy.  BMAS Consulting can help you set up a branding strategy to follow up after all other things have been fixed.  One that allows you to harvest as fast as possible all the changes you’ve made to improve your product or service.