Dynamic Strategic Planning System ™


     Our proprietary planning system is designed to fit the speed at which context changes nowadays.  Companies are realizing that a fixed 12 month plan is as outdated as a five year plan was a decade ago.  DSPS takes in consideration all controllable and uncontrollable variables, and defines where to focus the company's efforts.  Each company is individually evaluated, and even the same company has a changing context within the following six months.    


     In an increasingly global scenario, where standard barriers don't apply anymore, a sound growth plan is necessary for the company to continue to exist.  Growth is not limited to profitability, but endurance, technological advancement, employee's loyalty, etc.  Our process identifies best areas where to grow and focus resources for the highest return on growth investments.       


     When a Strategic Plan is fixed, and all seems to march exactly as expected, is when most companies lower their guard.  Dirsruption guarantees constant innovation, growth and a company revolution instead of a standard evolution.  We provide the tools to analyze change opportunities, the kind that produce a disruptive force in the market place and keeps the competition one step behind.