Professional Image


     Whether we like it or not, we are all sales-people. We sell our brand, our image, every time we interact with anyone. If you are an employee, a student, or an entrepreneur, you’re constantly being sized by your piers, boss, employees, customers, etc. Personal Branding is a process by which BMAS Consulting helps individuals find those attributes that need enhancement while keeping their unique personality as intact as possible. This helps our customers improve in their work relationships, self-assurance, career path and many other areas.


     Networking has definitively changed within the last two decades.  Nowadays everyone is focused on their on-line presence, keeping one to five profiles updated, answering e-mails, blogging, etc.  Technology might be an advantage for anyone born after 1985 but, on the other side, Networking also requires face-to-face communication, inter-personal skills, and many other “old-school” activities commonly used by previous generations.  BMAS Consulting Networking 2020 program helps our customers acquire whichever technique (old or new school) needs reinforcement, so they can round-up their full networking skills.


     In 2012, BMAS Consulting acquired CV+, a local Resume editing firm that added enormous value to our Personal Branding services.  CV+ services include Resume review, editing and updating, plus offering coaching services for job search processes, interviews and career path alignment.  We’ve helped many of our customers find a better opportunity in a highly competitive job market.