Personal Development


     Every one of us is a individual, unrepeatable, unique and growth worthy. That being said, it is up to us to become the best version of ourselves. Our Growth based Coaching focuses on keeping that what makes you unique and finding together the best path toward growth. We train our customers to do self-awareness processes that enables them to benefit from the growth principle in all areas of their lives.


     Expectations vs. Reality Gap Outliner is a test procedure to analyze the difference between our customer's expectations in each part of their lives and how to get there based on where they really are at the moment of the analysis.  It is a dynamic test that changes as an individual reaches their goal and a new one is born.  Trademark of BMAS Consulting and The Growth Principle.


     One of the most requested programs in our Personal Development area is the Career Coaching. It is focused on skills, competences and expectations from the customer, and helps them analyze their career path (or lack there of), and the next steps to follow. We also help companies identify potential candidates for promotion, and develop training programs for competence development.


     Get direct coaching from the author of "The Growth Principle".  A self-help book published since 2014.  Amazon best seller in Social Theories in 2015.  Switching from Goal Driven to Growth Driven philosophy enables our customers to close the gap between their expectations and the results they get from their efforts.